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The following are excerpts from one resident's unsolicited view of Natchez.

Zelda was a long time resident of Natchez and a tireless volunteer for many organizations including the Natchez Retiree Partnership. She wrote this several years ago and asked that we put it on our web site so others could read how she felt about her adopted hometown.
She is gone now, but out of respect for her memory and in recognition of her many contributions we leave her thoughts here to share with you.

Come for a visit and stay for a lifetime! Not an unlikely occurrence in Natchez, Mississippi, a city of 18,000 people, of such charm, beauty and individuality that some residents boast that it was just those qualities that made them claim this unique environment as their own. Perched on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River only 85 miles north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and 170 miles from New Orleans, La, Natchez is a blend of the old and new, modern and traditional.

 Well known for its many magnificent mansions built before the Civil War and Spring and Fall Pilgrimages when these historic landmarks are open for visitation from people worldwide, Natchez combines history, tradition and convenient, easy living. A glimpse into the splendid past where elegant furnishings and appointments marked an era of gracious living, delights visitors. Pilgrims, as they are fondly referred to, are awed by the profusion of colorful flowers and shrubs set in natural, unaffected settings around mansions, modern homes and in the wild.

  Residents in Natchez love parties and receptions, and Mardi Gras season brings forth colorful parades, delightful dress up balls and a festive atmosphere. Christmas time is heralded long in advance by happy decorations adorning the street lanterns and the huge, live, lighted tree on Main Street. Throughout the holiday, enjoy a real old-fashioned Christmas in Natchez, where every tradition of the season is celebrated _ carriage rides, carols, feasts, home tours, and sacred holiday music presented in many churches.

  The Grand Village of the Natchez Indians is the site of the Natchez Indians and is being archaeologically explored and developed. The exhibit in the Visitor's Center at the site is very informative and educational and includes many artifacts of the Natchez Indian period as well as a comprehensive presentation of the prehistoric eras of the area. Once a year the Natchez Pow-wow is held at the Grand Village where Indians from many locales and non-Indians celebrate our native American heritage, featuring Indian dancing, music, crafts and special museum programs.

  For those who enjoy participating in volunteer or organizational activities, every taste can be fulfilled - cultural, study, musical, theater, hospital, educational, service - no dearth of activity for anyone wanting to become involved and enjoy companionship with others of similar likes.

  Just think of a place where winter is measured in days, no dread of long, cold, snowy or icy weather ahead and where occasional unpleasant weather lasts only a day or two, relieved by the sun and warmer temperatures. No snow plows, no snowshoes, no snow tires, no snow or icebound!

 The influx of retirees from everywhere - Canada, Northeast, Midwest, to name a few, is testament to the fact that Natchez on the Mississippi is an ideal place in which to live and retire.

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