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Living Essentials

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Natchez offers a high quality of living at a lower cost than many retirement areas. The cost of living index is below average according to America's Most Livable Towns and Villages.  On average a typical home in Natchez costs about  $150,000 compared to the national average of $214,800 making Natchez a most desirable place in which to live. For specific listings and prices go to and enter our zip code, 39120.

The crimes reported in Natchez have been declining at a rate of 3% to 4% per year for the last eight years. The Natchez Police Department employs 50 sworn officers and sponsors a very successful Neighborhood Watch program as a crime deterrent. The Adams County Sheriff's Office, headquartered in Natchez, provides protection to the rural areas of Adams County, employing 24 full-time deputies. They jointly co-sponsor TRIAD an organization to assist seniors in protecting themselves from crime. The crimes against seniors rate has reduced 50 per cent in the 5 years since the program started.

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Tax benefits abound for retirees. Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine rates Mississippi sixth in the country and number one in the Sun Belt for least expensive tax states for retirees.

Property taxes are of particular importance to retirees. 

Example A: If you purchase a home in Natchez in which you plan to live and are under 65 years of age and are not permanently disabled, you may apply for a homestead exemption which will reduce your property tax by about 25% up to a maximum of $300 for houses valued at and above $73,500. If the real value of the house is $100,000, you will pay $1,260.00 in the City of Natchez.

Example B: If you purchase a home in Natchez in which you plan to live and are 65 (only one spouse) or older, or if you are permantely disabled you may apply for adn receive a $7,500. exemption from the assessed value. For example, if the real value of the house is $75,000. or less, you will pay NO property tax. If the real value is $100,000., you will pay $390.00. 

The current combined city, county, and school millage is $156.032

The median property tax is $567. and the median home value is $72,108.-- $82,892.

One other crucial point to take note of, Mississippi retirees receiving retirement income from federal, state or private retirement systems are exempt from Mississippi income tax.

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