Natchez, Mississippi sits 200 feet above the Mississippi River on the highest promontory north of the Gulf of Mexico. It is the westernmost city in the south-central portion of Mississippi and is the county seat of Adams County. Natchez is connected with the metropolitan areas of Memphis, Baton Rouge, Mobile and Jackson by U.S. Highways 61, 84 and 98, all of which intersect at Natchez. Interstate 55 is 50 miles east, via four-lane U.S. Highway 84. And, the Natchez Trace Parkway, a 450 mile national park, originates in Natchez and connects the city with Jackson, the state capital, ending in Nashville, Tennessee.

Natchez offers crisp, sunny, and bright fall and spring days, mild winters, and warm, humid summers. Average January temperature high/low is 58/37 degrees while summer months average high/low 92/70 degrees. Annual rainfall is about 59 inches. Hisorical weather details are available at

The local economy is diverse: tourism-related jobs employ almost one fifth of the workforce, with manufacturing almost as plentiful. With two hospitals, several shopping centers and numerous entertainment options, Natchez provides goods and services to people within a fifty mile radius.

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